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The Science Behind Next Level Skin Care

In cosmetics and topical pharmaceuticals, the cream emulsion is designed to deliver high concentrations of emollients, humectants, cleansing agents and prescribed quantities of other skin supplements or active ingredients in an aesthetically acceptable vehicle. Its various functions include retention of moisture, skin softening, attraction of moisture, retardation of water loss, cleansing, and delivery of active ingredients or supplements to the skin surface. The emulsion is a mixture of two immiscible phases stabilized by an emulsifier system, so one phase is dispersed as finite globules in the second phase.

Premium CBD Concepts custom cream formulations are exclusively manufactured by Concept 7.  All Concept 7 creams are oil in water emulsions, where finite globules of oils; the internal phase; are distributed evenly into the water; the continuous phase. The cream can be accurately described as a collection of tiny spheres, each containing precisely the same material as those around it, grouped together to form one mass. When you apply the cream, the first thing to touch the skin is the continuous phase, spreading its water soluble contents over the skin. Simultaneously, the friction of application fractures those spheres, distributing the oil soluble material on top of the water. Now the active ingredients, all contained in the continuous phase, are in direct contact with the skin.

Alternative methods of making a cream are available that are far less complex and certainly less costly, but none is more effective than the oil and water emulsion. You very commonly see natural gums, mineral thickeners, cellulose and polymers that will swell in the presence of water, providing a vehicle for delivery of components. Ingredients are distributed randomly throughout the mucilage to be indiscriminately deposited over the skin. Our custom care manufactures at Concept 7 will never consider such a haphazard method for a cream, simply to reduce the product cost and to make for easier production. Concept 7’s manufacturing process helps us to insure that our clients experience the luxuriant feel of our creams while they receive a truly therapeutic response.

Premium CBD Concepts utilizes only the best manufacturing methods to develop and produce our unique topical holistic products, that we believe surpass other similar products.  Not only do we use a quality custom cream formulation, made specifically for Premium CBD Concepts, but we ourselves at Premium CBD Concepts extract the CBD oils from the hemp flowers that we infuse into our products.

We use only the best ingredients and settle on nothing but the best formulations for our valued customers.




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