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About Premium CBD Concepts Topical CBD pain relief cream   
Premium CBD Concepts was not created to be just another CBD product in an ever-crowded marketplace. Our mission was to be THE BEST! With 20 years of experience formulating and manufacturing personal care products we knew we could create an exquisite cream to carry CBD.
Next, even though we knew the process wouldn't be easy, we decided to utilize a solvent-less holistic extraction process. This is a big difference from solvent free and what the majority of our competition uses. Using only organically grown Colorado hemp flower, this process uses zero chemicals and minimal heat, which allows for a TRUE FULL SPECTRUM concentrate.
The end result is a luxurious cream that delivers all of the goodness that nature intended. 
We acquire our hemp from an Organic farm in Boulder County, where we also assist in the cultivation of the hemp harvest.  We have been involved in the cultivation of cannabis as long as we have been formulating professional skin care products. 
Last year we decided to marry the two worlds together, and thus Premium CBD Concepts was born. 
We are very excited to be able to bring a fully transparent, professional quality and true maximum strength, full spectrum, CBD concentrate, that we add to our products with pride. 
We hope that you value and appreciate our products as much as we do.  We spent the better part of a year fine tuning things, beta testing and gathering customer feedback, before finally feeling absolutely confident that we were bringing the BEST CBD products possible to our customers.
We are grateful to all of our customers and always appreciate customer feedback.
Be well!!
Premium CBD Concepts Locally Made
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